On board weighing of pallets anytime and anywhere and optimize transportation line and bring higher productivity to freight logistics, warehouse, and shipping environments.

Increase Efficiency with Forklift Scales

•      Angular Compensation Technology
Compensates for vibrations and uneven surfaces

•     Eccentric Adjustment Function
Evenly distributes weight for accurate weighments

•     3- Point Suspension Technology
Only 3 touch points that connect the scale to the forklift

•    High Visibility Windows
Designed based on the needs and habits of forklift drivers

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Pallet Truck Scale

The BTA231 Pallet Truck Scale is a rugged and cost-effective solution and features a dependable terminal including a large, easily visible display and efficient keyboard.

•     Reliable
For long-lasting operation in rugged logistic applications

•     Easy to Operate
Includes two customizable function keys

•     Long Stand-Alone Operational Life
Can last more than 95 hours under normal operating conditions

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Pallet Scale

The heavy duty PTA46x-66x pallet scales series help improve productivity in a variety of manufacturing and shipping/receiving environments.

•     Faster Weighing
Simply drive into the scale opening

•    Safe and Simple
Easy loading procedure reduces accident risk

•    Multi-purpose
Can be used in a variety of applications

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Low-profile and movable scales to weigh in different places easily, accurately, and productively

•     Accurate
Guaranteed precision and reliability, even when it is moved often

•    Easy Loading
Low-profile scales for safe and easy loading

•    Mobile
Like moving a car, move to anywhere and just start to weigh

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