PFA569lift Floor Scales

Manual lift-deck scales for pit or top-of-floor: easy washdown in hygienic applications.

EZ-CLEAN Floor Scales

EZ-CLEAN floor scales use a pneumatically operated lifting platform to provide full access to the underside of the scale and the pit area for complete washdown and sanitation.

•     Hygienic Design
Safeguards your process

•     Total Pit Access
One-man operation to safely lift the entire scale for ultimate cleaning

•     Advanced Suspension
Self-aligning structure ensures best precision every time

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Kx-T4 Floor/Pit Scales

These high-efficiency floor scales offer latest technology, electromagnetic force compensation to ensure the best repeatability and highest resolution.

•     High Resolution & Repeatability
electromagnetic-force-compensation weighing

•     Update Rate
20 ups for dispensing and filling

•     IP Protection
IP67 protection against dust and water ingress

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PUA669 Floor Scale

Manual lift-deck scales for top-of-floor installation: easy washdown in hygienic applications.

VERTEX Floor Scales

Repeatability, smart weighing for heavy duty industrial floor scale applications.

•     Flexible
Install on the floor, in a pit, or use portably

•     Designed to Last
IP69k junction boxes hermetically sealed load cells

•     Heavy-Channel reinforced
Suited to demanding operations/forklift traffic

•     Unmatched Repeatability
Designed for critical process applications

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PTA46x-66x Pallet Scales

Heavy duty pallet scales help improve productivity in a variety of manufacturing and shipping/receiving environments.

•     Faster Weighing
Simply drive into the scale opening

•     Safe and Simple
Easy loading procedure reduces accident risk

•     Multi-Purpose
Can be used in a variety of applications

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