Weigh Modules, Load Cells, Weight Sensors

Heavy-duty weighing of tanks, vessels, hoppers or conveyors is no match for METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules, which are built to withstand the demands of rugged industrial applications. With all global approvals, weigh modules and load cells for high-precision and industrial weighing from METTLER TOLEDO are easily integrated into machines, vehicles, devices and instruments. Their design incorporates principles to ensure overload and lift-off protection to for safe weighing and accurate results.

Weigh modules with the electro magnetic force restoration technology from METTLER TOLEDO offer the highest levels of linearity, repeatability and speed. The proven ruggedness allows reliable operation for many years in an industrial environment.

Quickly and safely convert a tank, hopper, conveyor or structure system into a scale. Built-in side load and lift up protection ensure that safety, performance and precision are maintained.

Designed with integrated safety features for use with suspended tanks, dosing hoppers and other devices that are suspended from a support structure.

Beam load cells are used in multiples in floor scales, belt weighers, weighing systems, pallet scales, check scales, conveyor scales. Most METTLER TOLEDO beam load cells are fully approved acc. to OIML, NTEP, FM and ATEX as standard.

Used in tank scales, vessel weighing, silo scales, truck weighing, vehicle scales, rail scales. Choose from digital load cells and analoge load cells with OIML and NTEP approvals also for use in hazardous areas.

METTLER TOLEDO provides load cells for truck scales and rail scale applications. POWERCELL load cells are the most accurate and reliable vehicle load cells in the world.

The moment insensitive single point load cell allows for eccentric load and simplify the weighing system design as the load cell copes with all forces and moments occurring without loosing performance.

Load cells are used for tank weighing, hopper weighing, conveyor weighing, scale conversion. S-Beam tension load cells are designed for use with suspended tanks, dosing hoppers and other devices that are suspended from a support structure.

Double ended beams include center and end loaded styles for tank and hopper weighing and vehicle scales.

METTLER TOLEDO analog junction boxes are suitable for quick and simple connection of multiple load cells to weighing electronics. The stainless steel housing provides best reliability.