No matter your application, METTLER TOLEDO offers high performance equipment, interfaces, software, and accessories to meet your weighing and operational needs. These systems are designed to be the most innovative, accurate, and reliable systems of their kind. These qualities work to keep your business moving every day. Operations that weigh 10 trucks per day, and those that weigh hundreds, both need the most accurate and reliable truck scales and systems to ensure that their business is both efficient and profitable.

Designed for trucks that are used in normal highway transportation. Choose from a wide range of METTLER TOLDEDO steel and concrete deck truck scale designs to suit your exact needs.

Easy-to-install kits can be used to install METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL load cells in place of high-maintenance lever systems, analog load cells, and hydraulic load cells. Kits may also be utilized to make vehicle scales compliant for use in hazardous areas.

From standard functions like generating reports and tickets, to advanced options such as unattended terminal controls, invoicing, and image capture, this highly configurable software gives your organization a powerful tool for capturing and analyzing data.

METTLER TOLEDO provides load cells for truck scales and rail scale applications. POWERCELL load cells are the most accurate and reliable vehicle load cells in the world.

METTLER TOLEDO portable weighbridges are designed to be easy to move from one jobsite to another. These steel-deck scales are ideal for operations such as logging, sand, gravel, construction, road building, and concrete/asphalt batching.

Designed for the large trucks that are typically used in off-road applications where the loads can range from 50 to 500t. The flexible design of METTLER TOLEDO off-road weighbridges allow for customization to suit your exact needs.

From basic weighing needs to advanced integration with numerous scales, software, and accessories, METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale terminals offer high-quality controls for your weighing operation.

Whether your truck scale is new, old or in between – having the right accessories to accompany it can save you time and money. Keep drivers informed with remote weight displays and printers or automate traffic management with sensory equipment.

Meet multiple vehicle weighing needs to save space and money by converting a section of railroad track into a scale. Get accurate reliable weighing year after year with METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL technology.

Heavy duty self-contained monorail scales accurate to 2kg make weighing an integral part of your manufacturing or assembly line processes. Compact designs and easy installation save you time and assure you accurate and repeatable results.